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Students, you can play an active role to curb down climate changes

Students can definitely play a key role to lower down the impact of climatic changes. They are in a learning process and can imbibe things very easily. Teaching them about climate, global warming and the destruction it is creating, will encourage them to take actions that will help others too to get a proper knowledge.

Spread the knowledge to fight against global warming

The first thing needed is getting a proper knowledge. Teachers can hold programs or show them some realistic videos about climate. Animations will also help them know how the Earth is getting feeble day by day.

Once they have gained the knowledge, they can calculate the impact of climate in their school itself. Using a Climate Change Emission Calculator Kit will help them learn about the greenhouse emissions and the ways to extenuate it. They can be assigned such similar projects and can be asked to submit it to the school district.

Let your friends, families and neighbors exactly know about the reasons and the effects of climate change. Your speech should be encouraging enough to let them take the actions immediately. You can also do a joint work make the process fast and easy.

Talk to the school authorities to install energy efficient tool so that less fuel is consumed. Also, you can do small things like switching off the lights and fans when not in use, closing a running tap properly, or planting fast growing plants near the boundaries of your school.

Include banners outside your school to educate people about global warming and the ways to bring a full stop to it.

People of various countries have already become a victim of global warming. So, if you donít fall this category, you are the lucky one. Save your present to lead a happy future!