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How Is Global Warming Affecting The Weather?

Are you seeing any recent changes in the weather? Is the environment affected by the baneful hurricanes, volcano, heat waves, floods or drought? Well, this has become a common scenario in most of the countries. The television often hails with news related to the destruction of the environment.

Global Warming Is A Clear Indication Of Devastation

Global warming makes the hot climate hotter than usual, leads to excessive rainfall and floods, gives way to stronger twisters and makes a region completely dry with no trace of vegetation. Some regions are already affected by this horrendous climatic change while the other regions are on the verge to get attacked.

Sudden wildfires have left a lot of countries with immense loss both personally and economically. Forests that take hundreds of years to form are stubbed in seconds because of these abrupt wildfires.

Drastic climatic changes have left people clue less. It should be also noted that weather changes are not only destroying lives, but have impacted the health of various people. Allergies, respiratory problems, irritation and fatigue are some of the top issues of global warming. In many countries, people need to wear masks in order to step out of their home. This simply shows that how weather has taken the toll and is giving us a warning that its high time that some measures need to be taken.

So, who is to be blamed for this? No one individual can be blamed, but it is the total mankind who has called for their own mishap. The phrase precaution is better than cure might sound good, but we have come to a curing stage. The lack of precaution has made things worse and it is ultimately the human beings who are suffering.

Its time to think big.