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Climate, Weather and Greenhouse- Know These Important Terms

You might have heard about these three terms, but it is important to understand their differences. Many people tend to mix up the three terms and think all may mean the same.


Climate is a broader term. It means the overall weather of a particular place for a given period of years. It is the average atmospheric condition of a place. For example, if someone asks you about the weather at your location, you will actually describe the total climatic condition there.


Now, weather can be an ephemeral term. It is present around everyone. Suppose, you took a nap and you open your eyes only to find that you are sweating! So, it proves that the weather is humid. At night, you feel the cool breeze has relaxed your mind. So, at night the weather is windy. In the morning, the scorching sun deterred you to step out of your home. Thus, weather can change in short intervals.

Greenhouse Effect

What is actually greenhouse? Some people build a glasshouse to plant the crops. The glasshouse traps the suns energy and keeps the heat intact without letting it escape. The earth can be classified as a glasshouse. There are some important gases (methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor and nitrous oxide) that trap the suns energy and provide heat to the earth. However, the extreme usage of fuel has increased the amount of greenhouse gases making the Earth hotter than before. Too much of heat not only changes the climate, but also creates health hazards.

Every person should try and minimize the usage of exhaustible resources to reduce the greenhouse effect. Climatic changes have taken millions of lives. It is the responsibility of everyone to use the resources judiciously for a better tomorrow.